Make an appointment at Thorntree

Appointment types

Self-referral to other services

If you come to the practice to discuss an issue you have, some patients will be referred to another service.  You can now self-refer to alot of services in the area, removing the need for a GP appointment and cutting down the waiting time for you. 


Pharmacies are able to help with more than just medication requests. They can help with minor ailments and some pharmacies offer additional services.  You can find more information below in the 'appointment for another reason' screen. 

Online Consultation 

An online consultation is an online form you can submit to the practice for non urgent issues.  The form is then reviewed by a member of the team and dealt with by the most appropiate person in the practice.  Your issues (clinical or administrative) may be dealt with over the phone, via a text message (referral to services, presciptions etc.) or in some cases you may need a face to face appointment. 

Face to face appointment 

Face to face appointments are a traditional way of having contact with a clinician.  These appointments are usually reserved for those who could benefit from being seen face to face or patients with no access to the internet. 

Telephone appointment 

Telephone appointments are used for patients who do not need a physical examination or for review/triage purposes.